teen reality (demos)

by Makeout Reef

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demo tapes
by josh-jakob
"ever fallen in love" by the Buzzcocks


released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Makeout Reef Buena Park, California

"Makeout Reef" Johnny, Alex, Dave and Liam. For the hormonally stressed out children.
-Currently Unsigned-

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Track Name: Runaway (demo)
I took the time, I guess its fine
that I can't, I can't
It's alright, it was filled with lies
I had no chance, I had no chance
I knew it was love
I had, I had
go to my room
I felt bad, I felt bad

Runaway, runaway with you

We were friends in the end
for a while, for a while
she didn't give any fucks
to like my style, to like my style
we would we stare at the beach
to make you smile, to make you smile
in the end they were dead
for a while, for a while.

Runaway, runaway with you
Track Name: Hypnotized (by your stupid lies) (demo)
he tried to keep his head down
shes trying to get out of town
you don't know how much he means to her
well that's just absurd

girl he's trying but you dont care
you dont want him anywhere
thats alright and thats okay
ill see you some other day

hypnotized x3
by your stupid lies

i tried to get around
well she put her head to the ground
i tried to put it to rest
thats for the best

girl hes trying but you dont care
you dont want him anywhere
thats okay and thats alright
he'll see u at the end of the night

hypnotized x3
by your stupid lies
Track Name: So Slowly (demo)
oh please don't say you wanna leave
just take my hand if you understand
Track Name: I Remember (demo)
i remember i remember how we met on that late night
its the summer its the summer and i keep thinkin bout your blue eyes
i must be in love i never had feelings like this one
it must be true because a day without you it makes me blue

all night i wanted to dance with you
despite i didn't have a chance
all night i wanted you
Track Name: Red Violet (demo)
she wants me in her arms
then tells me to get lost
I don't know what you want, but i know i don't have time
you say you love me so
but some days you don't know
i don't wanna go, but why is love for you such a crime.
i'm not gonna cry
i'm not gonna say goodbye
just look into my eyes, and take my hand so you can hold me so tight.

i think about you x4